A few years ago I stumbled upon a group of introverts Golden Era enthusiasts who congregate in an online forum called The Fedora Lounge. Like other corners of the vast and mysterious Interwebz, this is a place where individuals with obscure interests and (sometimes) expert knowledge hang out and stroke each other ad nauseum graciously share their collective wisdom. I went there initially to ask questions about the men, uniforms, and … Continue reading

This site celebrates the Boeing 307 Stratoliner, the world’s first commercial transport aircraft with a pressurized passenger cabin. The Stratoliner was the civilian version of Boeing’s famed B-17 heavy bomber, utilizing the wings, tail, rudder, landing gear, and engines from the production B-17C. Only 11 Stratoliners were built by Boeing. The initial test aircraft was lost on March 18, 1939, while being demonstrated to KLM. Following additional testing and redesign, … Continue reading