One of my favorite pieces of memorabilia is this cover and insert sent by someone in the “Office of the President” at TWA (Jack Frye? Howard Hughes?) to Charles “Chuck” Beard at Braniff Airways in July1940. Braniff, as you may know, was founded by Tom and Paul Braniff in 1930. Paul left the airline in 1935 to pursue other interests but Tom retained control of the carrier and hired Chuck Beard to … Continue reading

As you might expect, postcards and magazine display ads are the most common Stratoliner memorabilia available in the marketplace. The image featured in this post was drawn by George Brown Petty IV the famous American pin-up artist. (Petty, an illustrator for Esquire, originated and popularized the magazine centerfold and “Petty Girl” reproductions often became “nose-art” on USAAF warplanes during WWII, including the Memphis Belle.) The other postcards in my collection … Continue reading

Boeing designed the 307 during the mid-1930s and the logo created for the plane has a distinct art deco look to it. It is a variant of the basic corporate logo in use during that decade. (See: Boeing Site.) Photos of the TWA and Pan Am Stratoliners operating prior to WWII show the Boeing/Stratoliner logo painted prominently on the vertical stabilizer of the empennage (tail assembly). The logo had two … Continue reading