Boeing designed the 307 during the mid-1930s and the logo created for the plane has a distinct art deco look to it. It is a variant of the basic corporate logo in use during that decade. (See: Boeing Site.)

Photos of the TWA and Pan Am Stratoliners operating prior to WWII show the Boeing/Stratoliner logo painted prominently on the vertical stabilizer of the empennage (tail assembly). The logo had two colors: Black and International Orange.

This image is courtesy of Mike Sievers, who was involved in the second restoration of the NASM aircraft. Here’s what Mike has to say:

I was the engineer on the second restoration team. Since Boeing flight test was operating the airplane when it went into the bay, Boeing was on the hook to repair it, so the company pulled all of the drawings from archives, rebuilt the tooling needed to repair it, and spent the next year rebuilding it in the same factory it was originally built.

If I can obtain clearance from Boeing HQ, I will publish some of the hundreds of photographs taken during the second rebuild…

Stay tuned!

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