A few years ago I stumbled upon a group of introverts Golden Era enthusiasts who congregate in an online forum called The Fedora Lounge. Like other corners of the vast and mysterious Interwebz, this is a place where individuals with obscure interests and (sometimes) expert knowledge hang out and stroke each other ad nauseum graciously share their collective wisdom.

I went there initially to ask questions about the men, uniforms, and equipment of the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II, but was soon sucked into captivated by other time-sinks subjects. Along the way I made some great friends and wasted a couple of years of my life learned more than I ever thought possible about vintage movies, clothing, hats, and dusty old junk accoutrements.

Through my fellow TFL slackers friends (thanks Rusty!), I discovered the Stratoliner, a silk-smooth 1940s fur-felt fedora with a thin ribbon. Further exploration led me to the art deco aeronautical masterpiece of the same name. Interest became obsession and thanks to the bankrupting influence marvels of eBay I have amassed a large collection of dusty old crap Stratoliner memorabilia from such storied American brands as TWA, Stetson, and Pan Am.

When I want to duck my other responsibilities, As time permits, I plan to foist upon you scan, photograph, and post my collection as a form of self-aggrandizement selflessly share my collection with those of you who also have a passion for this bygone era.  Enjoy the first item… The Stratoliner Certificate.

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